Can someone please tell me what compels girls to put their phone/money in their bras? Am I the only person that things that is one of the most unclassy, not to mention disgusting, things a girl can do? Like, what the fuck. Does your boob need to talk to someone on the phone? Does your boob need extra padding? It looks unclean and just plain gross to see a girl have her phone in her bra. And like, what the fuck do you do? Just in the middle of public just pop it in there? What??

If you don’t have fucking pockets, then fucking hold it in your hand or get a freakin’ clutch. 

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  2. lutaeng said: some girl in my gym class used to stick cheetos in her bra and in the middle of class i would look over to see her pulling some of out her bra and eating it… i wanted to bleach my eyes
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  4. kuyachristian said: What’s more disgusting is that, since they’re a part of the body, boobs sweat too…why the hell would they want boob sweat on their overpriced smartphones?
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  6. cosmicreverie said: omg yes it’s fucking ew
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  9. dojasoul said: white girls
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